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Check the docs

Make sure you review the setup docs. These will always be the most up to date source of how to setup the app. It is always worth checking your config against the setup docs.

For login and account issues, check against the login docs.

Use the latest version

If your are facing any issues logging in, connecting etc. you should first make sure you are running the latest version.

If you are running Docker, run:

docker pull timmo001/home-panel
docker pull timmo001/home-panel-api

and run the containers again. You may have to clear the cache/cookies in your browser.

If running natively, checkout the latest version from the release page for the app and the api and rerun the app.

Before posting your issue

Before posting your issue, make sure you check the logs for any errors. You may be able to find out the issue for yourself.

If your issue is inside the webapp, first check the developer console. To do this press F12 on the keyboard if you are running Chrome.

Also check the main app logs. With Docker Compose, cd into the directory containing docker-compose.yml and run:

docker-compose logs -f

If using Docker, run:

docker logs -f APP_CONTAINER_ID
docker logs -f API_CONTAINER_ID

If you are using the Hassio add-on, you can check the logs in the add-on page.

I'm still having issues

If you are still stuck, post any logs you can gather from the steps above to the forum thread where the community will be able to help you. Make sure to remove any personal data such as a public address or password.

You can also post an issue to the GitHub repository. If your issue is related to the Hassio add-on, post your issue here